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Welcome to Statuary molds , we have just the right concrete molds for you, that are easy to use and will make high quality statues, most of our molds are made from ABS plastic. These rugged low cost molds with our creative designs will have you making money quickly. Compared to other types of molds, it is a no brainier as you can buy a full bench set for under $200.00 and be ready to start making benches so your pay back is much quicker and you are selling fresh new designs that are made here in the USA. You can see from the video below how we draw some of our designs and like below are drawn in 3D sculpting software and then carved using a CNC machine and then finished by hand but like all designs whether it is carved by CNC or all by hand someone must first sculpt the original and we do this all in house. So if you just want to make a few items as a hobby or start up a new business we are a good fit for you, our molds require no special tools or release oils , they work with just regular cooking oil you may already have so you can get started with just the basics if you can mix concrete your ready to get started. We also can help you with information and tips and can also provide you with product pictures to help you get started quickly. We had several new designs out in 2016 and we hope to have tons of new designs out for 2017. We make molds from 1/16" up to 1/4" the thickest anyone makes but like most things the thicker it is the more it cost, Have and ideal for a statue just drop us and email we may just make you one and you can always call us at 332-2013                                   Thank you for stopping by, Leonard Jones

Click on me to look at bench Leg Molds

Click on me to look at bench Leg Molds

This is me making a new model sorry no voice just some tunes.


Our latex and Fiberglass molds must be prepaid and are made per order normally takes 6 to 12 weeks depending on how busy we are. ABS molds will normally ship 5 to 7 days if you are buying several items or are from a different country please contact me for shipping as you can get a better price on your shipping , most shipments will be by Fedex or USPS.

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The future is about new designs, out with the old in with the new or fall behind ,lead or follow it's your choice.Get a great new mold today and turn your sales around. Are you working to make your dreams come true or are you working for someone else to make their dreams come true ?   Carpe diem