About our ABS molds


When ABS molds are formed over a mold they will thin some as they are pulled over the mold, the thinning will be in the flange area of the mold , however the top of the mold will be close to the thickness given. A mold that is made from 3/16” will not measure exactly 3/16” at it’s flanges and how thin it gets depends on the shape and depth of the mold. So that is why we state that our molds are made from a starting material thickness. So some of our mold flanges may measure less than the starting material thickness stated if measured at the flange and there is not much that can be done to stop this some do use push frames to make flanges thicker but this just pushes the thin spot towards the coners. If you are in this trade you know molds will not measure exactly as the thikness listed much like buy a 2” x 4” at your local hardware store as they do not measure 2” x 4”. There are tons of info about this from manufactures and schools that teach this course, I have placed a link below if anyone would like to read more about this. If you have more questions please ask before buying.