Ever wonder about using plasticizer with your concrete molds here is how it works so the next time you pour a concrete bench mold try this. I have used it for years you will also notice when you use it that you hardly have any water run off like you do when using a regular mix so for most molds you no longer have to pile it up and wait for the bleed water to stop before you drag it off a real time saver for me. Watch the video for more info.
Here is a quick way to change the look of a statue, a color wash is quick and easy to use. You can use it on a plain statue or as a high light for colored stone.You can apply it with a brush or a rag or even a watering can, I Have used this brand on the pics shown using the slate color and you can also make your own washes from paint. If you need help or have questions feel free to ask. Stop back by for more tips and info .



All of these have been inlaid with grout, something just a little different and it's fairly quick and easy to do.

Just press the grout into the letters with a putty knife then scrape it of level the wider the putty knife the better, then with a stiff damp sponge clean the stone up ,let dry then seal it after a couple stones you will be a pro. White and Charcoal colors have worked the best for me but you can use any color you like. I have also done this after painting and on stained stones, so be brave and give it a shot.

Acid stain was bought at Direct Colors online, you will also need to use a sealer.Hope to add a few videos soon.

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