Ladybugs Molds for Concrete or Plaster.


Ladybugs Molds for Concrete or Plaster.

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This is a fun set of molds to use and you can put these little guys anywhere gloom to the edges of flowerpots or cast them with screws in them and you can have them running up and down trees deck posts and more. So by your set today and start having some fun casting concrete ladybugs. All you need is some cooking all some paper towels and some quick Crete and you're ready to go.

Lady Bug 3 pc set
Here is a great Lady bug set you get 3 molds made from ABS plastic
everyone will enjoy making and painting up some beautiful Lady Bugs.
These are not for walking on just looking pretty.

Small 2.5"x 1.75"x .75" Thick
Med 3.75" x 2.75"x 1.25" thick
Large 8.75"x 6.50"x 1.75" thick

Molds can be used with Concrete Plaster or low melt soap.

You will use this mold to pour concrete or plaster into to make the items shown.

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