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Welcome to Statuary molds and making great concrete molds is our number one goal.Have you ever bought a new concrete mold and when you used it,the thing almost cut your finger off ? Me too , that's why we go over every mold we make to insure you get a  High quality mold that works great and is easy on you and your wallet. Have you ever bought a mold that uses those tiny toy bolts? Me too that's why all of our latex molds use 5/16" bolts with wingnuts. We know the extra care we take with trimming and sanding our molds will not make them pour a better statue, it's just the right thing to do. I would like to say thank you to all the people who have helped us along the way with out you and our great customers we could not have made it , one of my worst problems when we first started was making items I liked and you learn real fast that you have to make molds that sale concrete or else you have a useless design and that has been our main focus to research each new design we make by using several methods of search and trials to see what people are buying and searching for.It's not a guarantee but the research pays off, sales do vary in the US what will sale good in one state does not always sell good in others but the hard work is paying off we have had a great year and have had a high volume of sales in Europe ,Canada and the US. Just do a search in the UK for a concrete bench and more than likely you will find one of our Concrete bench mold designs or Stepping stone molds.

Click on me to look at bench Leg Molds

Click on me to look at bench Leg Molds

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Our latex and Fiberglass molds must be prepaid and are made per order normally takes 6 to 12 weeks depending on how busy we are. ABS molds will normally ship 5 to 7 days if you are buying several items or are from a different country please contact me for shipping as you can get a better price on your shipping , most shipments will be by Fedex or USPS . We ship to most Countries  World Wide but please contact me before purchasing .




The future is about new designs, out with the old in with the new or fall behind ,lead or follow it's your choice.Get a great new mold today and turn your sales around. Are you working to make your dreams come true or are you working for someone else to make their dreams come true ?   Carpe diem