Pictures of cast from some new concrete molds

Here are a few pics of our new standing stone, it will have all the Military Branches and eventually all of our other designs that we have made in 12” stones, most are available now. Best of all it is not a cheap resin copy, so you will not have to compete with all the hobby stores resin statues you will be able to offer a design they don’t have, which should give you some advantage as it is hard to compete with a made in China paint job. Be sure to check back with us as we are adding new concrete molds all the time. I added in a few other pics of some cast and I am still loving this new bronze paint. Thanks for your time, Leonard

Vinyl Stencils

Ever use a vinyl stencil? They are fairly easy to use and a great way to add writing to a plain bench top, stepping stone or a plaque. They can be used for an anniversary, birthdays or any other special event. Vinyl cutters are fairly cheap and if you do not want to buy one you can

just buy them they range from $5.00 to $35.00 If you would like to know more or would like to try one just send me an email we are always glad to help and can get one made in a few days.

The cutter works like a printer in many ways, once your new design is cut you have to weed it, which means removing the cut vinyl, next you will apply a mask and then you are ready to go.

When you are ready to paint you will remove the liner on the back and place it on the concrete.

maker sure it is down well and there are no bubbles and you are ready to paint and that is the basics of it. The pictures shown are of me using a stencil on rough concrete just to see how it would work out on this rough surface. The paint job took me about 5 minutes to do, once the stencil was ready. So this make for a fairly fast paint job and you could have flowers or any other design you could think of. I have even heard of people using the vinyl inside of the molds but I have not tried that one yet. Maybe I will try that in another post. Thanks for taking a look andagain if you have question just drop me an email, Leonard

Planter Walk way Molds and More.

Here is our new border walkway mold set, you can make it as long as you like, just keep adding panels. Straight or 90 Degree turns.

It can also be used as a fire pit or used to make very large planters, just add two joiner panels per pedestal and it will make raised garden planter box or a very nice fire pit or even a small pond. There are many uses for this set of molds.

Planter top cap

Just and update for all who have the Pedestal molds, the top cap mold is now up on the site as an upgrade to convert the Pedestal to a more decorative Planter. We are now working on finishing up the fountain sections and the bench sections next ,along with inserts for the fountain tower for the four way spill at the tops of the tower and the pool sections, they should all be ready by spring .Tower and fountain back sections are ready now with a plain medallion for the pour spout.I will post pictures of the fountain and pool sections as soon as we get one together. Thanks to all for your input.


Here is and update on our new Pavers. We are just about ready. Made up a few samples today. You would need at least 3 Concrete molds to start with and of coarse the more you have the quicker the job will go. Color is important to the final look of these. I think dye may work out best for this job and you would need to use 3 different colors. Here are some sample picks shown so you can get an ideal of how it will look. So keep checking back these should be out soon.